Retractable tensile structure

Retractable tensile structure

Retractable Tensile Structure

BKF Group has applied to offer quality solutions to make outstanding infrastructure both commercial, realities, sporting, industrial and residential sectors. All the retractable are lightweight steel frames. We are equipped with best and finest engineers who has unparalleled experience in designing versatile and flexible retractable tensile structure. The core feature of the tensile structure is flexible. Most of the outdoor space is saved with retractable tensile structure with great durability from the uneven weather, excessive sunshine or wind. We have high-performance structures which are modular in design to suit your custom needs and custom design warrants. Our dedicated team and leadership carve a perfect structure and settle it quickly and perfectly.We bridge the gap between low specs retractable structure and cost prohibitive custom products which often lacking in build quality.

  • Prime features:
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Flexible
  • High Quality
  • Dedicated Professional Team
  • Sturdy
  • Weather proof
  • Long working life

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