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Tensile Fabric Has Become A Popular Building Membrane For The Following Reasons: Long-life/Durable

Architectural textiles can be highly durable, with a long life comparable with traditional roofing materials: 15 – 30+ years. The composition of the basecloth used in tensile fabric architecture gives it strength, stability, elongation, and tear resistance. The coating and varnishes applied to the basecloth provide superior fire resistance, UV resistance, self-cleaning properties, and colour fastness. Tensile structures maintain their original shape even after years of withstanding high wind and exposure to climatic variations.

Sustainable Designs

Minimal materials are required to enclose large spaces and the fabrics are recyclable, making tensile fabric structures sustainable designs

Lower Construction Cost

Using tensile fabric for the creation of large, free span roofs reduces the amount of supporting steelwork required, making construction easier, more affordable and quicker to install than traditional building designs.

Reduced On-Site Costs And Installation Time

A primary advantage is in building with prefabricated components which requires no on onsite engineering or fabrication. Therefore, build times are faster and the simplicity of installation reduces time on site. Installation methodologies, programs and safety procedures are all determined prior to mobilization therefore reducing any interruptions once installation begins.


Structures can be designed to be used at one site temporarily, then relocated to another site, thus further increasing the lifespan of the structure.

Low transportation cost

All components are prefabricated and lightweight, which reduces the cost of transportation of materials, steelwork and time on site providing direct upfront cost benefits.

Natural Light transmission

Architectural membranes boast unique light transmitting properties that enable an open airy feeling of outdoor ambiance indoors, filling large areas with diffused natural daylight. The translucent nature of the fabrics available reduces daytime running costs.