Automobile Parking Structure

Automobile Parking Structure

Automobile Parking Tensile Structure

We are the supplier and manufacturer of the auto mobile parking structures. The each joint of the structure is so designed that it can bear all the external load (self load, wind load , etc) . Obviously we have the greater production but we do support the quality production of the structure. Our quality control team tests the structure at each point during the production and checks each joint for the safety purpose. The effective and dedicated work of our skilled workers is thoroughly seen. The sheets used for the auto mobile parking structure is made with high-grade steel which yields the best tensile strength. We design with accuracy, with the perfect dimensions. Our structures are easy to install and need no maintenance .The smooth finished material with variety of various color option add an extra charm to the auto mobile parking structure.

  • Product Features
  • Assured quality
  • Available in all dimensions
  • Corrosion resistance

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